As a Tantric Coach one of my greatest passions is to awaken beautiful humans to the MYTHS that surround Tantra.
The greatest LIE that we in the Western world believe is that Tantra ‘is all about SEX’…
It’s just not true.
I just published a Chapter in a book, ‘Your Well Being, Sunrise Edition’, on exactly this topic.
The misconceptions that surround Tantra: the ‘triggers and charge’ that people have around SEX. The dogma, projections and opinions that come along with it has had me mislabelled as a sex worker, a slut, a witch and a myriad of other assumptions and labels too…
I just wrote a Blog on ‘Dating as a Tantric Coach’… hmmm it’s very interesting to say the least when the majority are not so enlightened!
So, lets BUST the most common myths together once and for all, shall we?!
1. I can’t learn Tantra because I don’t have a partner!
Wrong! Exactly the opposite is true! What an IDEAL and fantastic time to open that powerful channel of sexual energy and begin to play and practice with your new-found skills! You will radiate more pleasure and fulfilment and find you become more magnetic to call in a lover from a place of wholeness and sexual empowerment!
2 . Tantra is sex, I would be cheating on my partner to see a Tantrica.
Wrong again. If you went to a Dr for a prostate exam… Is that cheating? When you invest in sexual education and mastery it is an investment in YOURSELF! Along with the benefits of becoming a more present, permission granting and pleasure filled, multi-orgasmic lover you can also overcome a myriad of other sexual and emotional health issues naturally! Things such as: premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sex addiction, trauma, painful sex, intimacy issues, heartbreak, the list goes on and on…
tantra yoga couple
3. Tantra is a bunch of weird sexual positions from the Kamasutra.  
Wrong once more… In fact only 20% of the Kamasutra is actually dedicated to sexual positions. The rest refers to the “The Arts” and relates to the aspects of living a whole and virtuous life!
4. I’m too… fat, too old, too tired, too sick, too… (fill in the BLANK)
Again… None of this is true!!!
The truth is… 
Whether you are…

  • Single
  • Coupled
  • Any size
  • Any age
  • Any ailment
  • Any sexual persuasion…

If you can hold a clear intention, breathe, sound and move you will be guiding energy throughout your body therefore you can do Tantra!

Tantra is a Practise!

It Heals. Educates. Empowers. Enlightens. And Expands us!
If you are curious to learn more or feeling that working with a Tantric Coach may benefit you, your personal journey, your relationship I encourage you to do your homework and reach out! Find a reputable practitioner who practices with integrity. Interview them and make your decision by listening to your inner guidance, trust yourself and your gut.
We live once… NOW is the time!
Soul Sister Pam Ella (known as Ella) is a Love Coach, Creator of the Goddess InBody Movement and Co-Founder of The Love Map. She works with The Brave Souls; men and women who choose ever greater levels of self mastery and self love.
An Author, Speaker, Teacher, Healer and Tantra Guide, Pam Ella has created a rising of women across the world by calling all women to embrace their Goddess, to ignite their inner fire and CLAIM THEIR BRAVE. With her real raw energy she has appeared on The Morning Show, Triple J Radio, Guest Speaker at Sexpo, a contributing author to Your Well-Being: Sunrise Edition and is a regular guest contributor for magazines, top blogs and podcasts.