Shame is not natural. Patriarchal tribes created shame around 1250BC, in order to control societies -and in particular women- through intimidation and fear.
Sexual energy is life force energy. It is creative energy. It’s how we birth babies and projects. Shaming especially women for their sexual expression and making it into a sin, means that part of our life force is a sin. It means that we are robbed of our natural energy, vitality and creativity.
In the ancient times, 30,000 – 1250 BC, people lived in so called Goddess Cultures. The goddess was revered in the temples. She had taught the people how to procreate. In order to honour her for this knowledge, the people went into the temples and have sex.
Sexuality was their spiritual practice.
There was nothing shameful about these practices and it is said that those native tribes of Canaan and Mesopotamia were very powerful people. In 1250BC the Hebrews invaded Canaan and the only way to be victorious, was to close the temples, stop these practices and invent our original story of sin.
Interestingly enough, it was Eve who sinned, not Adam. It was Eve who was supposedly born out of Adam’s rib, instead of Adam being birthed out of Eve’s womb. It was Eve who listened to her intuition and ate the fruit of wisdom to see the naked truth. As a result, she was portrayed oh so shamefully naked and had to cover her bits. We can’t possibly allow women to trust their inner voice, otherwise we can’t control or shame them!!! If you seek external validation instead of listening to your inner voice, now you know why!
From that time onwards, women who practiced the now forbidden devotions to the goddess were publically stoned to death. If you’ve ever had this unreasonable fear of being killed for letting loose your full sexual power, you know that you may well have been one of those women in a past life.
Even if you weren’t stoned to death why back when, even if you have not been brought up with religious stories of the original sin as a truth, our society is still feeding these stories to our subconscious.  They are festering away in our cellular memory and it is through the knowledge of these ancient stories, that we can put a different story in place and restore sexuality out of the dark bedroom back into the light of the day.
You are a sexual being!
Your sluttish desires are natural!
Your wild woman is not too much!
It is time to release the shame. It is time to normalise our sexuality. It is time to remember that “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away” as Mae West so eloquently put it.
If we want to be physically healthy, emotionally sovereign and spiritually connected to our soul and the source energy of the universe, sexuality is a potent and powerful pathway. It was the pathway of the priestesses and it can become yours too.
850shutterstock_203145469Krystal Alexander-Hille is an international Divine Feminine Embodiment Coach at Goddess Reawakening, who assists feminine leaders and awakening women to rebirth their divine feminine essence, their sexual power and soul purpose. She is a visionary, coach, author, speaker and facilitator of retreats and workshops around the world. Her signature workshop is “Return to the Temple of Isis – an initiation into the ancient sexual practices to empower modern women”. She also holds Skype sessions for individuals to release shame and trauma, or assist them to connect more deeply to their soul purpose through past-life regressions, NLP processes, cord cutting and powerful transmissions and invocations.