Here we go again, on the Valentine’s Day merry-go-round.
Do we celebrate or not?
I surveyed my friends and, surprisingly, the general consensus from both genders was that we shouldn’t need a day to show our love for someone.
I couldn’t agree more- I’ve always been of the opinion that every day is the perfect day to show how much you care.
However, over the years, I’ve known lots of guys who’ve needed to be reminded about the basic time points or milestones in their relationships. Men who are salivating at how gorgeous their wife or girlfriend looks don’t translate their thoughts into a compliment to give her.
Thus, a society sanctioned day which encourages people to step up on even one day a year is instrumental to some relationships. The day isn’t limited to romantic relationships either, there’s nothing wrong with showing your affection for your friends and family, and using this day to do so.
Think about the person in your life, and whether they would appreciate a little effort, on one day, if not every day.
Demonstrating how you feel about someone can be beneficial to both of you. Just like hearing your name pronounced properly, a gift is a huge form of flattery and respect. And relationships of all kinds are strengthened by gifts, handshake deals, and gestures.
Gestures don’t have to be large, or expensive. A phone call, or text might suffice for some people, because showing you were thinking of them could be all they want or need.
If you decide to give a gift, it doesn’t need to be expensive to make an impact.
It will depend on your relationship, but it’s about marking the occasion. Something that says I like/ love you and would like to acknowledge this day by showing I’ve been paying attention; or perhaps a cheeky reminder of something you’ve done together would show how you cherish them.
My fave Valentine’s Day tradition ever was my Pop mailing me, my mum and sisters each a Valentine’s Day card, though we all lived in the same house. It made each of us feel special, and I always looked forward to it. I’ll cherish those memories forevermore.
As an adult, my favourite V Day gift was when my ex husband and I had just moved into our house, and we decided to keep the presents low key. He bought me a tub of my favourite ice cream and a new, heatable, ice cream scoop. It was perfect, and would have cost him less than $10. For a small amount, he made me very happy, and I still appreciate that gift years later.
You could also make them something! A card, a letter, a tacky Acrostic poem using their name would mean more than nothing at all- and might bring a smile to their face and a laugh to their lips. You could print and frame a photo from your fave occasion together.
It’s not the 80s but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a CD, or USB, of their fave songs, or those which are meaningful to both of you. It’ll be even more special when used for the soundtrack for a weekend away, now, or later on.
If they’re more of a ‘bought’ kind of person than one who appreciates the creative, stick with that and put your thinking cap on for something you can buy them.
Whatever you’re thinking of doing for the day, make it easy and enjoyable for you both. Instead of fishing for hints, step up and make plans. It can be romantic or not, but make it memorable by doing it all yourself. Book a restaurant that they love, even if you don’t. Organise a picnic, and I mean organise it all!! Blanket, food, drinks, location. Or, cook their fave meal at home! The anticipation can start with an invitation left for them where they least expect it.
Sometimes, effort is the best gift of all, regardless of the relationship you have and are celebrating. Any relationship should be celebrated, on V Day and all the other days of the year.
Marie-Louise Pawsey is the founder of Life Stylin,’ which aims to help people who feel a bit stuck in their life, and unsure of their next step toward happiness. She helps them to examine aspects which are holding them back, and empowers them to make smart decisions that they will forever be confident in.
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